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  • Compact Air Hoists

    Compact Air Hoists

    The modular suspended platform is suspended from fixed suspension systems and are made to move only up and down and the people move sideways within it. The modular suspended platform is mostly suspended from two davits whereas the cradle can be suspended from every type of a...

  • Flexible Self-Hoisting Mechanism

    Flexible Self-Hoisting Mechanism

    The Flexible Self-hoisting Mechanism,Also known as the platform.The self-powered cradle can be used with any rigging system conceivable.The advantage of this type of cradle is that a minimum number are required to achieve an acceptable cleaning cycle.

  • High-altitude Standard Platform

    High-altitude Standard Platform

    Platform are construction machines for construction work at height. They are used for the installation of curtain walls and the cleaning of exterior walls.

  • Standard High Altitude Operation Platform Unit

    Standard High Altitude Operation Platform Unit

    It is requisite equipment in construction job. Normally the suspended platform is suspended from a monorail, a roof trolley or a davit and used for interior and exterior facade maintenance and cleaning.

  • High Altitude Working Gondola Single Hoist Chair

    High Altitude Working Gondola Single Hoist Chair

    The self-powered platforms are very versatile.suspended platforms offer reliable and safe working conditions in every building. The working platforms are divided into two categories; the self-powered platforms and the roof powered platforms.

  • High-altitude Non-standard Corner Platform

    High-altitude Non-standard Corner Platform

    Our High-altitude non-standard corner platform is a unique and reliable system for working safely at an elevated height in accordance with the applicable standards. The modular suspended platform consists of different sized pieces.

  • Standard Platform Accessories

    Standard Platform Accessories

    We have a variety of Standard platform accessories for the Access Platforms. Should you need any accessories, please call us. We sell top quality, safe and easy to use products as well as offering an effective and friendly customer services, and very fast delivery.

  • Normal Platform Parts Overload Device

    Normal Platform Parts Overload Device

    Overload protection is a reliable way to elevate safety.Today’s pressure to achieve ever-increasing productivity leads to ever-expanding demands on your crane equipment.

  • The Cable Collecting Device

    The Cable Collecting Device

    Backed by the team of highly qualified professionals, we offerThe Cable Collecting Device. It is light in weight, compact, durable with rugged construction and can also run for longer period of time. In addition to this, it is being offered at the best rates in the industry.

  • Normal Platform Parts Wirerope

    Normal Platform Parts Wirerope

    We can customized the length of steel wire, safety rope and cable based on your requires. Normal Platform Parts Wire rope is used to provide proper support for the strands under normal conditions.

  • Normal Platform Parts Suspension Mechanism

    Normal Platform Parts Suspension Mechanism

    Durable Suspended Platform Parts Suspension Mechanism With Painted or Hot Galvanized Appearance. Suspension mechanism consists of front beam, middle beam, rear beam, front base, upper column, counter weight, reinforcing steel rope, adjusting bar etc.

  • Normal Platform Parts Safety Lock

    Normal Platform Parts Safety Lock

    Suspended platform spare parts Safety Lock for gondola is a separate mechanical unit that can automatically lock safety wire rope when the working wire rope is broken or suspended platform tilts to its limits.